How diet affects skin cover

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  1. The most shocking thing I read was water. Every time I have ever complained to my doctor about dry itchy skin, increase water intake has been the response. Maybe this explains the lackluster results I got.

    1. Water has many health benefits and it is necessary for other body functions to drink as much water as you can, but your skin will not be influenced by the quantity you drink. A nice water based moisturiser applied to your skin might have better results in this aspect.

  2. What an informative read! Skin health is so important and definitely reflects diet, stress, hormones, and environment. My skin used to be more oily or combination with breakouts and cod liver oil was the only thing I found that helped prevent breakouts. Now, after nursing journey, my skin is much more dry! So interesting how things change with many factors. I will take a closer look into some of the suggestions you made and apply them to remedy dryness. As always, healthy diet of mind and body make a huge difference as well! Thank you for the great read!

    1. thank you for taking the time to read through my article and I am glad the information I provided here could help.